Where are you now?


At this very moment, where are you now? Not just your physical body, but where is your mind, what are your thoughts? Oftentimes we go throughout the day and never once do we take a step back from what we’re doing to just live in that particular moment.  We go throughout the day constantly thinking about what we’re gonna do next, meeting that deadline, finishing that project, or moreover, taking care of everyone else and neglecting to take time out for ourselves.

The above Picture was taken during my first days relocating to Shenzhen, China. Notice the simplicity of two macarons just sitting there waiting to be devoured. However, I took my time to just breath and live in the moment. You see Macarons to me are magical, they’re delicate and they create a sense of reflection for me to just live in the moment and appreciate the little things. So although there were a million things on my mind, I took the time out to just stop. I took time out for me…


I created this blog simply b/c I have a lot of things to share and say, don’t we all :). A place where I could connect with others about lifestyle, changes, and growth. As I continue to grow with this blog and its many topics, I hope to hear from you, from my heart to yours 🙂

Taking time out for yourself has become extremely important to me. How about you? I would love to hear what you do? I just may have a new “me time” activity to try!

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