My go to Shoes

With almost every dress I wear, I tend to choose my favorite shoes… Lets call them “the go to shoes”. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on them for years, but recently the color of these glorious pewter shoes has been wearing off.In my mind, Im thinking, they’re getting better with time..and, who would notice? and who cares.. certainly not me.


I’ve been thinking about repurchasing them lately, but wouldn’t know where to find them since it’s been what, 5 years since I’ve had them.. Being that they are BCBG one of my fav brands and a damn well good brand.. (I mean they lasted this long, and I’ve never had to get them repaired) In fact..Maybe they have an updated version of them… Well if any one knows anything, be sure to let me know!

Do you have a “go to item” you just Can’t or better yet won’t retire? Do Share!


4 thoughts on “My go to Shoes

  1. First and foremost you look Hollywood classy Beautiful😍💃! 💋And your go-to-shoes are sexy! As for my go to Mmm… Let me ponder🙄okay I’d have to say a pair of long dangling sterling earrings with a crystal attached on the end. They’re sexy, elegant and my go-to-earrings because they make every outfit shine🌟


  2. I love BCBG shoes as well. They are comfy and classy. If you have the stock number you can check it on their website. Might turn up something.
    Smooches 😚


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