Four Fun Bites! and where to find them

I’m a foodie, yep! and God sent my Husband my way because, he’s a foodie as well. Only difference is, he’s over 6 Ft, slim, and the sugar doesn’t go to his hips. I love treats, especially when you unexpectedly come across the most cutest whimsical treats from around the world! Here are four fun bites to try in different parts of the world, and where you can find them! One of the places, you wouldn’t believe you could find this treat here! Thank Goodness I have evidence!


1. Cereal Inspired Ice Cream cones- Where? Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, station,  Emack and Bolio’s

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2. The Best Nutella Crepe You’d ever Taste and the Best Where? Tours, France, Centre Region and…… The Most Decadent and moist french caramel cake I’ve ever encountered!- Where? Angouleme, Poitou-Charentes, France


3.  Macarons-  Where?  Mc’donalds in Shenzhen, China! MC DONALDS!! Any one that has MC cafe’.


4. The most delicious flavors of Gelato and the Most Whimsical and colorful Gummy Candies and more! Where? Barcelona, Spain, Catalonia, Market place

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Okay, Okay, I know I said four fun bites, but I couldn’t resist! I did promise four places around the world! Ya just got two for one! Like what you saw! Drop a comment 🙂

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