Four Reason’s Why a Quick get away to Hong Kong is a Yes!

Living in Main land China has its perks, such as cheap way’s to get around and the cheap eat’s, but once in a while (ok, to be honest, like all the time) it suits your well-being, to get away for a while outside of Mainland. Hong Kong is so close to where I live in Shenzhen, that getting away and feeling like you’re in an entire new country is a hop skip and jump away! If you’re interested, here are some really good reasons why!

1. Good Eats!

FAB- French American Bistro- Central Station

Bon’ A petit! For French lovers, specifically Moules and frites lovers such as myself, There’s a cute French bistro in the central part of Hong Kong where we had lunch on my birthday!

They also have something for a sweet tooth such as desserts and tasty Pancakes, topped with fruit in the picture below!



The Flying Pan Central Station

If in fact, you’re looking for western breakfast in Hong Kong, the locals will lead you straight to the Flying Pan! This American Diner like Gem, serves omelette, pancakes, waffles, toast, coffee and so much more! They happen to have 2 locations! Sweeet!


Mui Wo Ferry Stop- Hong Kong Island

While bicycle riding on a beautiful resort island in the south of Hong Kong, my husband and I stumbled upon this spectacular restaurant that was worth every penny! The location is by the water and the view of the mountains are breath-taking!

What we had on the Menu:  Mussels (moules) w/ Crostini bread



Supreme homemade pizza So yummy yet so sinful….



Salmon w/Lemon sauce, scalloped potatoes w/ sautéed spinach and mushrooms(below) by which my husband describes as heavenly!




2. Wall Art/Murals

Wong Chuk Hang 


I’m a huge fan of colors that pop and dope wall art! Any chance, in any City, Country, and even in my own neighborhood, I pop out my I phone or Cannon to capture shots of Murals and Wall art. So far my favorite places are in the south of Hong Kong near Wong Chuk Hang Station.IMG_2236IMG_2260


3. Good old Nature

Lantau Island Water Fall


A Few brave souls risked their lives by stepping on huge rocks barefoot, in order to get to the middle of this waterfall, and I was one of them. My husband in tow, of course, after one hour of me trying to capture the best angle and get the best light of the water glistening in the sunlight, he had to beg me to climb back down, as he was hungry! When I tell you this waterfall is divine, believe me!


If You’re ever on Lantau island, do yourself, mind, body and soul a favor, ride your bike there! It’s about a 15 minute bike ride. You’re inner and outer self will thank you!

 The south of Hong Kong, on the island, is where you can really see the mountains!

          Tried My absolute best to capture the rainbow peeking out of the waterfall! Can you see it?


4. Happiness Overload!


First, Head over to Tsim Sha Tsui Station, and find yourself on Kimberley Road to Emack and Bolio’s (check out Four Fun Bites! and where to find them).



Fruit loops, coco pops, and Rice Krispies treats, Oh My!

Second, choose your cone and ice cream flavor/flavors. They have Divine flavors by the way! Salted Caramel, being one of them!



Next, Stare at these while they prepare your treat, and wish you could have both the ice cream and the chocolate, or better yet, make your dreams come true and go ahead and live a little!



Then, Find a seat on the steps that they have as seats, and don’t forget to snap a picture of this spectacular view. You’ll always find a seat!



Last, Snap a selfie to show off to the world, just what they’ve been missing all this time!




I truly do hope you’ve enjoyed this post! My true wish is that you visit Hong Kong soon, and be as happy as I am in the above Pic! xx, thanks for reading!

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