Beijing Day 1

This is a quick post, as I am dog tired from the days events. I’m in my jammies and it’s 2:19am here in a Beijing, but I’d like to share some really cool art, if you will, that I stumbled upon today. The pollution and fog is super thick, so I was unable to snap any worthy outside pictures. Hoping for a better and more visible day tomorrow.

Again, I know this is supposed to be a super short post, but for the next few days, I’ll be preparing to film a competition, Aka, China’s “American Idol” on CCTV 1! The show will be airing through out China sometime in December! Exciting to say the least, as I’ve been preparing for this for the last six months in Shenzhen! It’s been quite a journey.

Anyway for the next 9 days or so, I’ll be blogging each day while in Beijing. I’ll be giving you the inside scoop of behind the scenes while in Tv land, as well as some cool things, places and finds! Hope you stay tuned, but until then check out these really cool sculptures/works of art, brought to you by Beijing! Enjoy!

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