Beijing Days 2&3… Change of Heart

Since visiting Beijing, I have a new-found respect and appreciation for China. Having been here for only 3 days already, it’s been nothing but a breath of fresh air! For the last two days, my Husband and I have been sight-seeing, despite of the brutal cold and have been preparing for a CCTV program here in Beijing! I’ve been in and out of the studio since I’ve left Shenzhen and spent half of yesterday in the studio, as well as having a business lunch meeting with one of the directors.

I can truly say that my heart has changed and I am enjoying China. It’s been almost a year and its about time I started to see China for what it is, as opposed to where I live, which is in Shenzhen. The comparison is night and day!

The difference between Beijing and anywhere else we’ve visited in China is none other than the rich culture! Add the helpful, and friendly people, along with the posh areas and you’ve got yourself more than a good time! You’ve got an experience of a life time. Here’s what I gathered together to give a picture of things thus far….


Considered the “white house ” of China



Posh Cafe called “VOX” had the coolest set up! It’s like home away from home there.

Two reasons for these photos

  1. In almost every mall in china, you’ll find a floor level specifically for the kiddies. In Beijing, I felt confident enough to waltz in an Adidas Store for kids and purchase a pair of sneakers for myself, and not get stared at or pestered by sales people following my every move. They were friendly and kind. They also didn’t shy away from me being that my Chinese was limited. This is something that I am not used to living in the south of China, Shenzhen.
  2. Need I say more! Everywhere we go, including the Children’s Converse store next to the Adidas store, had representation of a different ethnic group! just wow!! I love it! Way to go Beijing!


So this Glorious cafe called “simple space” Blessed my life with health while recording in the studio! Delivered. In the cold. They rock. Look for them If you’re ever here!



I was able to snap photos of this beauty with my Cannon! Gaomidian South Station!


IMG_5083I always find the most quirkiest things wherever I go! My husband and smelled what was baking in this bakery three blocks away and had to find where the smell was coming from! The coffee and baked goods was divine! So much so we gobbled everything up before I could capture a picture.


Well That’s it for now folks! I’m gonna be sure to update you guys on the what’s going on in the music side of things out here! Also the my progress on singing and speaking in Mandarin.

Until Then, Happy Thanksgiving from Beijing at 4:35AM!