I’ve always wondered why “some” expats who move overseas, never come back home…

2017-2018 was a long year, living overseas in Shenzhen China. I’d missed the taste of “American Chinese Food” and long for the taste of my American Favorite snack. Once we were back though, my palette for american food had been quenched and my body screamed for less preservatives in my dinner. My body went crazy trying to figure out what I was feeding it and I was stuck wondering if moving back was a mistake our not. Let me set the record straight, it’ll be irrational to say that expats continue to live overseas because of the unnatural things that are in our food. However, I will say that as an American, I’ve found it particularly difficult while trying to fall back into society again. I mean, thank God for Air b&b, otherwise… Let’s just say, God bless the innovators.

When you factor in reverse culture shock as well as trying to find an affordable, livable apartment, your world feels like it’s been turned upside down( Again! I mean after all, you’ve lived in China) It’s an non-stop emotional rollercoaster. The only thing that’s gotten me through is Prayer and the fact that I’m A trooper. Also(the elephant in the room) your Credit Score! Yep, your adult report card that follows you around, that can either be rain clouds over your head or sunshine on a beautiful day. That number can be the reason you get that house you want, or the reason you have no place to live at all. The American dream they call it. Well if it’s a dream, please wake me up!

So the questions lies, what’s next? There’s a plan in place but these United States of America is going to have me fly out on the first plane back to China tomorrow! I now see why most expats choose to stay overseas. For some, I’m sure they love where they are. For other’s, it’s just too damn hard to come back home.

4 thoughts on “I’ve always wondered why “some” expats who move overseas, never come back home…

  1. Hey Fam, I am glad you all made it back safe. I miss you all terribly. When I moved back from Japan after living there for 4 years, it was so hard. I remember the big issue for me was remembering to lock everything up again. Needless to say I remembered fast, but it was an adjustment. I pray you guys adjust quickly and He continues to bless you to overflowing!


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