Beauty Report 🙌🏽


Hey Lovelies! A while back I mentioned on one of my instagram pages, that I would do a post on lipstick brands that look great on full lips. Well I’ve been sitting on this one for almost a year!While in Hong Kong I stumbled upon an H&M Flagship store at one of my fav places to go “Tsim Sha Tsui Station”, be sure to check out Four Reason’s Why a Quick get away to Hong Kong is a Yes! and was skeptical and pleasantly surprised to find a whooooole makeup line there. Cream Lipsticks, matte lipsticks, shadows etc…. I noticed that the pigment of the cream lipsticks were heavy and to my liking, so I decided to get two shades. When I tell you, from that very moment, the life of my beautiful full lips were changed!

Not only are the cream lipsticks long lasting, but they don’t dry your lips out, theres no creasing and they have huge selection of different colors!! Did I mention that they’re less than 15 bucks!! Bonus!!! When I relocated back to the states, I was devastated because I had used up all of my fav color and couldn’t find a good cheapie or even a more high brand lipstick that stood the test of time as much as this H&M brand… While shopping at an H&M, I found out that the flag ship stores sold the whole line.. I high tailed it to a flagship store, got my fav color which I’m wearing below and decided to try the matte line…

I am happy to report full and complete satisfaction with h&m’s line of makeup!! I’ve never been so happy!! Have you tried this line? let me know in the comments!