Style Report 🌟✨

Hey beauties, I’m here with another style steal from one of my favorite places, Target! They’ve recently added a new line of clothing and shoes called “A new day” which I am super psyched about! I recently snagged 3 pieces on the cheap! However, these beauties below were on the cheapie cheap if you know what I mean!

While heading to the register, I dragged my loving husband to the shoe section of target. I was having a rather hard day and needed a pick me up and what better way to drag your husband shopping, lol! I immediately saw these, the last pair in my size 8 1/2! What?!?! 😮😱 for meeeee? I could’ve cried.

Well I did when I flipped the shoe over and the tag on the bottom said $8.36 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽. They were on sale!! I began to give God all praises and ran like an angel out of heaven to make sure it was true! I’ve been looking for a cute comfy spring/summer shoe since I’ve been back in the states and the windows of heaven opened up for me that day!

Any who, here are some pictures below of the shoe that’s gonna make so many of my outfits this summer! Until then, go shop target and find these beauties! 💖 Photographed by Moi💋

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