Waiting for someone to love you, compliment or acknowledge you? Continue reading 📖


Celebrate you!; What makes you, uniquely you! Aren’t you tired of waiting for others to celebrate what you should be celebrating about yourself? Choose to focus on the things that you love about yourself. What follows, is you appreciating the other things you may not like so much.Perfect example, I’ve always loved my arms, no one has actually said to me. “Hey, I like your arms” moreover, this is something that I’ve always said out loud about myself, when others were around or not. However, because of travel and not keeping up with my exercise regimen, I noticed they changed. Actually, in the past year or so, the definition in my arms kinda went away. My whole body is changing with age, so I’m learning how to change right along with my body’s natural changes and tweaking some things in my lifestyle that compliments my goals; for my body, mind and soul. All this to say, never forget to compliment yourself.

Love on your self. Don’t wait for anyone to do it for you. If you do, you’ll be waiting a lifetime. You deserve all the love from yourself right here and now! Others will see your inner glow and follow suit 💋


Me Enjoying my Birthday in New Orleans! Celebrating my arms! Celebrating life!

List of my favorite ways to love and care for yourself as well as the inner and outer you.

1.Steam bubble bath at home with your favorite salts/bath bomb

2.At home facial with a new and or fav scrub (scrub first) then a mask.

3.Book reading

4.Putting on your favorite smell/spray/lotion after a relaxing shower

5.Downloading and or listening to some tunes you meant to listen too, but forgot and now have the time.

6.Taking a walk in your neighborhood or your favorite place and actually taking it in (don’t forget your camera/phone camera will do)

7.And my fav! Eating your favorite ice cream 🍦 at night! 💋

“Three things I absolutely adore right now”

Claris Face oil- Divine when put on at night! I’m convinced this natural oil helps me sleep better. Kate Spades new fragrance- “Walk on air” stays on all day! I feel lovely when I put this on. Lastly, Rituals of Sakura Body cream! Trust me, this is a delicacy! Made with organic rice milk and Cherry blossom! I’m transported back to Japan with this one!


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  1. I absolutely love this post….I would not have said it better myself…which is like your advice to us…love yourself….always (invest in yourself).

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