Wedding Anniversary Trip, 2nd stop, Bremen!

Hey there Lovelies, as promised, a thorough post on our recent visit to Bremen for my husbands and I second year wedding anniversary! I’m excited to share some tips on budget stays, eats and more!

Bremen was actually our 2nd stop during our trip, as we flew in from Iceland, so we were a bit jet lagged on our first day. To be honest, after we landed and ate, I slept a full 23 hours, Don’t judge me! For those who travel a lot, you know that being jet lagged can knock the wind out of you. However, I was still able to capture so much!!

Sight Seeing

We spent most of our sight-seeing time in the town square, where St. Peter’s Cathedral of Bremen is located and the detail of every building took my breath away!


The Roland Statue

Knight Statue


Tourist sightseeing and locals going about their day. I adore the preservation and detail of the city center!


It always amazes me how much Germany respects and preserves the history of each building. Believe it or not, the building behind the green umbrella is an “Apotheke” in English, the Pharmacy!

With the pictures below, I am paying attention to detail! I am enamored by the detailing and architecture of each lovely building, if I haven’t expressed that yet!

The detail on this mural is breathtaking! Amazing!

I edited and darkened this photo, to bring out the beauty of this particular angle of the Church.

A statue of Moses holding the tablets of the Ten Commandments.


The clock tower and dome of the church itself!

Lastly, as we were on our way from the “Netto” supermarket (which I explain next) we passed by this amazing wall art on a building. I promise Bremen is super dope!


For each country we visited we set aside a budget for each day. Not surprisingly(to us anyway) we stayed under budget! What we love most about anywhere in Germany is that you can eat good on a budget. My Husbands favorite place to get a bite to eat is at the Döner Kebab for 4.50 euro for the sandwich and fries! Lets not forget Apfel Schorle!! My Fav since 2010!! Made with Apple Juice and seltzer water. it’s in a league all by itself!

It would be remiss for me to not share the famous Apple pie from Germany’s McDonald’s! My husband swears that they’re the best things on earth and calls Americas Mc’donalds apple pie, trash, lol. Check out the video below!

Chinese Food in Germany!!!

I had to get an up close picture of my dish because it was sooo good! My husband agreed that mine was tastier than his. Check out that face, lol! Each dish was about 4-6 Euro each as we caught the lunch special! I believe I had the Cashew Chicken in Garlic sauce. I even had dumplings, but ate them so fast, I didn’t get to take a picture! Trust me, The Chinese Chefs in Germany and in France(might I add) make theeee best Chinese food, hands down!

This particular Chinese Restaurant had some of the tastiest dishes of Chinese food I’ve ever tasted, which is located in the “Bahnhofsvorstadt” neighborhood. It is located directly across the street from the train station, where the train lines 3&6 stop.

GELATO! For 1 Euro!!!

In my most humble opinion, Europe has the best tasting Gelato! Any and every flavor that you could ever imagine, you’ll find in Germany for sure! One of my favorites is Pistache Gelato!! We stumbled upon this little cafe’ “Eis Cafe’ De Luca” in the neighborhood where our Air B&B apartment was located.

Lastly, before we headed back to Reykjavik, Iceland, we decide to spend the rest of our Budget in euro, on breakfast lunch and dinner(for our two-day stay in Iceland) at the Netto. A German supermarket that you can get just about anything at next to nothing. Fresh fruit, veggies, eggs, oatmeal, sandwiches, salads, shrimp, you name it! We spent LESS than 40 Euro for food on the plane, breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next two days, and food for the plane for our trip back to the states, for BOTH of us!!! Germany never ceases to amaze us!


We actually stayed in Bremen twice during our whole anniversary trip. During our first stay which was for two days, we Air b&b’d at “Living at Klassiva” “Werserwehr”. It’s a small condo that can fit no more than two people. The neighborhood in which it was located was super quaint and quiet. Check out the video below!

However, I would only recommend the space at “klassiva” if you are really close to the other party, lol, as it can be pretty cramped if you plan on doing anything other than resting there.

On our way back to Iceland, we had about a 10 hour layover in Bremen again! I decided to book a budget friendly place to stay where we could rest, shower, etc… I ended booking a hostel last-minute called “Bremer City Hostel” which is super close to the airport. The host was super kind and there was free tea and coffee available as soon as you walked in.. rooms were super small and clean. The bathrooms were shared but there were 3 bathrooms in total, with one being on each floor. My only concern was when the host left for the day, the guest which were predominately men, did not adhere to the rules. They were smoking inside of the hostel, when it clearly states in the rules, “no smoking inside”. I was glad that my husband and I didn’t stay overnight!


I cannot stress enough how accessible Bremen is! Getting around is like a dream! The train schedule is always accurate. The light rail runs until 11pm and the Hauptbahnhof, both stop running around 11pm and start running again at 5am. This can put a damper in late night plans but there are always taxi’s and busses. To get to just about any attraction, such as the cathedrals, they were located at a junction where about four trains stopped along with other busses. As I said before, getting around this city is a breeze!

That’s all I have for now concerning one of coolest cities ever, Bremen! Thanks for reading and checking out this post! Let me know your thoughts below! If there is something you think I missed or want to know more about, let me know! I’m always looking to improve and share as much as I can! see you soon on the blog!

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