Tulle Skirts, Murals, Pops Of Color=FUN


Hey there Lovelies! So I’m a day late in posting my weekly post, However I have valid reasons, such as rehearsals, auditions, and so many exciting( but hard work) projects that I am involved in that I can’t wait to share with you all, hopefully, very soon!

This all left me exhausted, tired and a bit burned out! I ate horribly this week, and barley worked out, but I’m going to get back to it, like today!( green smoothie on deck) Moreover all of this did not stop me from being my creative self, and putting my content together and just having some good ol’ fun with fashion and Style!! My Goal this week was to create looks that were totally me! Comfortable movable, chic and most of all Fun!


Ya’ll, I am totally in love with these shoes! Will do a feature on them soon!!


White sneakers, preferably reeboks 🙂 are my thing this summer. They are so functional with midi skirts!


Wall art/ murals make all photos better!



I decided to pair both skirts with the lavender blouse b/c I couldn’t decide on which was my favorite look! I wanted my personalty to naturally pop within these pictures and I am so pleased that I was able to embody it as my genius of a Husband captured it! With all that went on this week, ups and downs, I am grateful to have moments to just have fun and do some of what I love to do! Play dress up! XO

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