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Hey lovelies! Happy Saturday! I pray this week has gone well for all of you! My week was super busy and fun! This week I received a lot of amazing feed back from you all through my Instagram stories, DM’s, my FB blog page! Again, thank you so much♥️ you guys are amazing!!

Recently I collaborated with a brand called Almost famous clothing. They gifted me a couple of pieces with the exchange of featuring some of their apparel on my Instagram blog page. Free clothes! Cute ones 🙌🏽 how could a fashionista resist 🤗

This week I focus on two pieces from their clothing line, which challenged me to focus on my personal style! I decided to try different ways to style the pieces and it was oh so fun! Check it all out below!

Honestly, I could not wait to pair my classic Reebok’s with this look 😍 It’s so Brooklyn 90’s, where I’m from btw!

However, I super adored my sparkly Velvet chunky sandals with this look the most!! Funny thing is, I wasn’t going to purchase them when I first saw them! I’m so glad I did! And as I promised before, I’ll be sure to do a feature in then soon!

To be honest as some of you know, I wasn’t too sure about pairing two different tones of yellow together, but the jury has decided and it’s a hit!

This weekend, I’m headed back home to NY and I will be bringing this blazer with, because the weather is totally different from Texas!

I also changed cropped tops b/c I really liked the black one better, but I think pairing the two yellows was by far the best unexpected surprise!

Which looks do you like best, between the two? Let me know below! ♥️

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  1. Hi Lakeia, I tried to find your contact info on your blog without any luck, so I hope it’s okay I connect with you here in the comments! Please let me know if you’re doing collabs? If so, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me on olivia@blogerize.com and then I’d love to tell you some more! Thanks 🙂


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