Endless Summer🍃Change of Season thoughts🍂🥀


Good morning lovelies! I know its been a couple of weeks since I’ve published a Saturday Morning post. For those of you who follow me on Instagram and FB, you know that I am currently in a Musical called “The Ark” performing nights, while simultaneously rehearsing for another production during mornings! Now if you really know me, you know that I’m not a morning person at all, however, my body has adjusted to falling asleep around 11pm ish, and popping up out of bed with no problem at exactly 7ish, every morning! I think my body likes getting up early for some reason, and I may kinda like it too… Maybe.. lol 😆

Any who! I’m still out here doing shoots and putting out content, but it’s been a bit slow and although I’m still inspired… with the seasons changing(and I don’t mean weather wise) my energy is changing… What this means to me is, more growth, aka, growing pains, as well as pushing myself to want better, to do better and surround myself in spaces and environments that challenge me to grow. Also, not to allow anyone or anything to influence me otherwise… Sometimes, you can’t help it if your floor is someones ceiling… read that again…. Don’t compromise this season beloveds… hold your ground, stay steadfast, and do what is right even if you feel alone. There is good to be done out here! Do it!

So I decided to combine my Fashion/style, moods, thoughts and feelings in this one post, b/c I feel like being in my bag this morning! I’ve done some editing(I could stay up all night editing ya’ll! I love it!) Just giving you a glimpse into my week, into who I really am… MOODY, PASSIONATE,  RAW, and REAL!

As promised on insta, two of my fav summer Jumpsuits






Just a little back story on both of these looks. The first look, the play suit, I’d gotten from H&M, while living in China I believe! In Guangzhou to be exact. It was super cheap! about 7 bucks usd and I waited a while to wear it. Its like a size 10 (I’m like a 4/6) but I didn’t care!

The Jumpsuit look I’d purchased in Shenzhen, China, the city in which I lived, from a store called Vera Moda. I paid a pretty penny for this jumpsuit, over 100 bucks! b/c I loved it so much! I splurge from time to time 🙂

The shoes were from a department store in China as well! Shopping over seas is really one of my fav things to do when traveling!

My mood in the 2nd look was just to roll with the weather, concerning my hair! This dry weather out here sucks the life and moisture out of every strand and I was determined to not defy gravity and be unapologetically me!

Welp! Thanks for sticking around this morning(or whenever you read this) I’m about to go co-wash this mane, and put all my good oils and seal in this moisture for this show this evening! Blessings!! 💐

4 thoughts on “Endless Summer🍃Change of Season thoughts🍂🥀

  1. I love the yellow color in the first suit! AI think the blue striped one is my favorite because I’d the peek-boo-stomach and the style of it! I ❤️ your style


  2. I love the yellow color of the first suit! I think the blue striped suit is my favorite because of the peek-boo-stomach and the style of it! I ❤️ your style


    • Lol! Hey sis! Girl you’re funny! 😂💕♥️💕 thank you so much! My body is so much different from when I initially bought it! It’s one of my fav pieces, and it was sooo hard to lose the weight to get back into it! So I won’t complain! 😘🥰💕


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