✨Healthy boundaries ✨Short and Sweet Post 💅🏽

Happy Saturday! It’s a beautiful day out here in Fort Worth Texas! But unfortunately I can’t enjoy it at all b/c I’ve been under the weather since Wednesday! It’s been nothing but rest, meds and soup for me 🙁 I’m getting better but can’t wait to be 100% as I have a show to do tonight.

As promised I wanted to touch base on creating healthy boundaries, as we should all should have them; With friends, family, associates strangers, with even ourselves! Just b/c we set boundaries, it doesn’t mean we’re acting funny or too good for certain things or people. It means that we respect our selves at a personal level that maybe the next person wouldn’t understand. It also means that we get to choose what’s best for us and we get to say yes or no to certain situations. We are teaching others how to treat us, b/c we love ourselves enough to know what’s good for us and our well being and what’s not. I leave you with these thoughts:

✨Working on yourself is not selfish

✨Your job is to love people, not fix them

✨Self care is also not arguing with people who are committed to misunderstanding you

✨People will know your boundaries if you tell them

✨Lastly this quote “My boundaries reveal my relationship to my emotional health. How others respond to my limits reveals theirs”.

That’s all I have for today loves! 🖤 I will for sure be elaborating and touching base on this topic on a future “Self Care Post”

Until next time, be blessed! 💋

4 thoughts on “✨Healthy boundaries ✨Short and Sweet Post 💅🏽

  1. This was much needed thank you for sharing sis! Healthy boundaries are so good to have! People will treat you how you allow them to! And I’m learning that in this season of my life! 💕💕🙌🏽🙌🏽


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