CCTV Beijing, Avenue Of Stars Performance ðŸŒŸ

Hey there loves! If you’ve been following me via Instagram as well as Facebook, you’ve seen that the theme this week is all about Music and Performance. 🙌🏽

While living in China, I had the opportunity to appear on television for the show “Avenue of Stars, on CCTV, in Beijing.

Out of all of the performances, as there were about 5 in total, the one I’ll share in this post is my favorite performance by far!

I was allowed to become my elevated self, while performing this song called “Home in the NorthEast”. In Pinyin, “wo di jia za dong bei”.

I pray I spelled it correctly in Pinyin 😂 Continue to stay tuned Via Social media on Instagram and Facebook, as well as subscribe to my emailing list! ♥️ I have so much more to share, music wise etc… Enjoy the full video below! 🤗 Thanks for watching!

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