Fenty Beauty’s Matte Lipstick Review 💄

Happy Saturday lovelies! I’m here with a short and sweet review of the latest lipstick brand and colors I’m currently wearing and loving 💕

Shown above Fenty beauty’s matte lipsticks in colors “Flamingo Acid and “Tiger Tini”

This is actually my 2nd tube of “Flamingo Acid” as the first tube ran out so quick! So when summer came around, I decided to purchase it again along with one of my favorite summer colors “burnt orange” in this case “Tiger Tini”. I usually purchase my matte lippies from “Nars”, however the price tag is steep and I wanted to save money!

In this case I’m guessing b:c of covid, the lippies were on sale for $12.50 each, from the original price of 15 bucks each. I didn’t mind buying “flamingo acid” again, b/c it was tried and true from a previous purchase, however, I was skeptical about “tiger tini”. The Picture of me wearing it is below.

Wearing lip color “Tiger Tini”

Honestly, I may return it (as you know Sephora allows you to return a used product) b/c in my opinion it’s too bright for my “summer complexion”. On this day I decided to do a mini shoot for a brand and didn’t like the way my photos came out. I would rather switch out to another color or brand that has a darker “burnt ornage”. It’s a personal preference and I want to feel confident when I’m sporting a lip color.

Wearing lip color “Flamingo Acid”

I just adore this lip color, honestly! It works well with my complexion and I feel so beautiful wearing it!

As far as application goes, Fenty’s formula in my opinion is smooth, it stays on long, even after eating and it doesn’t dry your lips out which is a super plus! Oh, and for my full lip sistas, you don’t even need a lip liner!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽 The application is just divine! Watch video below!

As you can see, I thoroughly enjoyed this 👄 lol!

The bottom line: Darlings, Fenty Matte lippies are bomb! The price tag, variety of colors, application etc is 🔥! My only con is that they don’t seem to last very long. It could be b/c my lips are super full.

Have you tried out Fenty beauty’s matte lippies yet? Are you gonna try them? Let me know by leaving me a quick comment! Don’t forget to subscribe here on the blog and follow me on Instagram Fb and Pinterest by clicking the icons below! Happy blessed Saturday, until next time be blessed! 💕💕😊

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