Nancy, France 🇫🇷

Hey there guuuuyss!! It’s been such a long while since I’ve written a blog post 😭 The husband and I are living our dream life + at the same time making some drastic changes that I will touch on in another blog post. This blog post is dedicated to an amazing city in the North East of France called “Nancy”. The pronunciation is very French, lol! I’m excited to share with you guys our time there. We love this city!

The Place Stanislas is a large Square in the French city of Nancy. This square houses the opera house, the fine Arts Museum and so much more! There are also a lot of lovely restaurants within this square.

As far as Personal Style, I kept it simple with slip dresses and mixed High/Low Pieces. On the day I wore shorts we went bike riding through the town.

Food! And yes, Ummm, Macarons lol! The best Macaron I had was from a Patisserie/Boulangerie called Paul’s. We had a great Pok’e bowl, yet expensive one from a place I totally forgot the name of and my phone won’t show me the exact location so that I may get its name! Lol. For the most part I was intermittent fasting and drinking green smoothies, however, I made room for my fave dessert 🍨 Also too, there was this place in the square that I read about on Yelp. It’s very French and we went to lunch 🥗 one afternoon to dine there. It was super disappointing. The ambience and the decor was fabulous though! I posted my husbands Tajine in my stories. That’s about it from that place! Lol

Oh! That’s the name of the place- Pokawa 🙌🏽🥗 Pok’e bowls! Lol
Theeee best from “Paul’s”
I have a video of my eating this that I will not post 😅 or maybe I will b/c I’m silly 😜

The City’s aesthetics are everything! Gorgeous scenery, places to just sit and retire from walking all day, beautiful shops, and has a charm that’s unmatched. I still have those petit roses, for about a week now 💗

A church we ride our bikes to that my husband loved!
I had an allergy fit while sitting here out of no where 😭 The students gather here on the churches steps to have lunch. This was right before we rented our bikes. Of course there’s a funny story behind that as well. Lol
The care behind wrapping these flowers 🥰 the shop also gave me a stem of roses for free 🙌🏽
I felt so blessed to have captured this moment. Our air bnb hotel was across the street from this ❤️🇫🇷
I wanted to capture this charming street better.
We definitely brought more sunshine ☀️ to Nancy! We’ll be back!

I hope you got to see the beauty of this city through my eyes! Have you ever heard of this quaint city Nancy? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for sticking around to read about our travels and lifestyle! I’ll be back very soon with more! Next up Switzerland🇨🇭

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  1. I so love you guys!!!! God is doing amazing things for y’all! Keep rising to the top in Jesus name💜😘💜😘💜😘


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