A Love Letter to Myself 💌

Whew! When writing the title above, I almost bursted into tears, so I’ll just get to it. Somewhere along the line, I kind of lost myself…..meaning “ I got lost”. I don’t know when or how exactly, I mean I do have an idea.

Welp recently, I took about 9 days off of social media, to find my sense of self and my authentic voice again. I had to take a step back and sit with myself. I noticed a number of things, some that I’ll mention now and others that I’ll elaborate more on in another blog post.

I was neglecting so many parts of myself, so much so, I almost forgot who I was off of social media. I also wasn’t giving myself the “grace” I always preached about. There are so many things that occurred this year. I had a big move across the ocean and I have been hitting the ground running ever since. Lastly, I forgot the “why” I was creating and sharing who I am on social media platforms. It became a duty. It wasn’t fun anymore.

I’m still not done. Not done healing from so much. However, as I move on, I am sooooo gentle with myself lately. As I’m writing this I’m almost in tears. It’s okay to cry La, I tell myself, because it is. It’s okay to rest, it’s okay to not be okay, and as you move forward, don’t be afraid to slow down and stop to love yourself even more through the process.

The words I’ve been holding dear to my heart; “Hold on, a little Longer”

Love La 💗