Can We Talk About it?

Can we Talk? Yes, you and I? I want to raise the issue of Color-ism as well as cultural appropriation as it relates to and affect people of color from all around the world. My views and experiences will be that of a Black Woman who’s travelled the world and as one living in China. After all, that’s who I am, I am Black woman living in China and I have a couple of things to share and say. Continue reading

Four Fun Bites! and where to find them

I’m a foodie, yep! and God sent my Husband my way because, he’s a foodie as well. Only difference is, he’s over 6 Ft, slim, and the sugar doesn’t go to his hips. I love treats, especially when you unexpectedly come across the most cutest whimsical treats from around the world! Here are four fun bites to try in different parts of the world, and where you can find them! One of the places, you wouldn’t believe you could find this treat here! Thank Goodness I have evidence!

Continue reading

Where are you now?


At this very moment, where are you now? Not just your physical body, but where is your mind, what are your thoughts? Oftentimes we go throughout the day and never once do we take a step back from what we’re doing to just live in that particular moment.  We go throughout the day constantly thinking about what we’re gonna do next, meeting that deadline, finishing that project, or moreover, taking care of everyone else and neglecting to take time out for ourselves. Continue reading